Civil Works

Since the inception of Austact, it has always been our intention to utilise our manufacturing and Engineering skills to produce the best possible solution for both product and installation.

All the Austact Tactile Indicator products are manufactured from the best performing materials available. Our in house Engineering Department is constantly researching and testing for higher performance, longer service life and superior value for money.

The Engineering Department is also responsible for the manufacture of all the special purpose equipment utilised in the Tactile Indicator installation processes. We have the method currently refined to enable 100 to 130 metres of installation to be completed each 8 hour shift.

All Austact Tactile Indicators can be installed into any substrate. We have developed a diamond core drilling system that is clean and efficient in any stone or manufactured hard surface.

Take a look at the resurfacing of an area of railway platform


Some installation examples


Austact Patented “Lockstud”