Stair Nosings

Austact’s stair nosing’s meet the requirements for both luminance Contrast and slip resistance when retro fit to existing stairs.

For new stair applications, Austact has a range of rebated stair nosing’s.


25-x-70-yellow-grit       asn8-stairnose      20161005_130021

see colour range

Austact stair nosing is suitable for the following

  • Indoor or outdoor use.
  • Manufactured in Australia.
  • Come in a range of colors.
  • Meet all Australian standards.
  • New or existing installations.
  • Can be fixed to a wide range of substrates.
  • P5 slip rating, great anti slip characteristics.
  • Installed by Austacts installation crew, or supply only.

Austact’s commercial stair nosing’s are suitable for all application’s where there is a need for both an aesthetically attractive stair nosing and one that is highly functional and slip resistant when it comes to existing stairs.

This stair nosing can also come with a photo luminescent infill for added safety when power is lost and a matching non slip band across the riser.

Austact’s commercial stair nosing’s meet the requirements for both visibility and slip resistance when fitted to existing stairs.

According to industry standards set out by the Building Code of Australia, non-slip and non-skid surfaces must be installed on all pedestrian ramps, stairs and landings— particularly in areas which receive heavy foot traffic or where emergency access may be required. Slip resistant stair nosing’s are also critical to meeting disability standards (AS1428.1:2009, AS1428.1:2001, AS1428.2:1992 & AS1428.3:1992) for safe access to premises for the visually impaired and disabled. Beyond these basic requirements.