Pressure Cleaning

Austact offer Pressure & Steam cleaning.


We offer a high pressure or a Low pressure steam cleaning service. We are able to pressure clean almost any exterior surface, including paving, warehouse floors, car parks, walls, Railway Stations, & Bus Stops.

Pressure & Steam utilizes water at high pressure to remove surface layers of stains and foreign matter without damaging the surface. High pressure water combined with special biodegradable chemicals are also useful in graffiti removal, gum removal, & mold removal. We contract to government departments to service and maintain  railway stations, tram & bus stops, car parks, Factory Flooring, footpaths & shop fronts.

Graffiti has become a big problem in all areas over recent times. Pressure cleaning is an effective way of removing this  for both local state and federal government. Graffiti can effect the price of a property and impact on the aesthetics of a town or city if not maintained properly.

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